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"Look up at the city above you. Majestic, ain't it? From here, you can see the soldiers on the ramparts. The war ships in the harbor. The underpaid workers who dredge and lift heavy goods all day. Yeah. They're all there. So tell me, do you consider yourself free? It's a simple question, really. Do you have what you need to do the things you want to do? A lot of people think they do. But look at that city again. You have nobles who can easily put themselves above the law. You have guards who can abuse their power. You have the SI:7 who can invade your life at the snap of a finger. You don't have rights. You don't have privileges. You have only what you can defend and even then, sometimes only if you have the right blood or profession.

You think you're free? Let me show you what real freedom is like. The ability to kill indiscriminately. To choose what gods you want to worship. To do whatever the hell you want to do. Without fear of prejudice. Without prosecution. More importantly, with the backing you'll need to spit right upon the society that's so unfair and so sick. Law and order is a joke, my friend. You're only entitled to keep what you can protect, and we'll help you protect alright... Hell... We'll help you live."

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